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Avoid Going Over Budget in Your Home Remodel

It has been estimated that 1 in 4 home improvement projects go over budget. Follow these steps to avoid this costly mistake yourself.

Create Design Concept

Very often people get excited about making an upgrade and they start right in with buying things and tearing walls apart. Without a plan, things can go awry very quickly. It is recommended to step back, take some time, and develop the design concept first. This entails working with a design professional, such as an interior designer. Discuss what the overall vision is and what lifestyle improvement is the goal.

Choose Materials

Paint, flooring, tile, kitchen appliances, countertops or bathroom fixtures can range from very basic to high-end. Colors, textures, lighting and ambiance can all be addressed here.

Create Budget and Add Contingency Percentage:

Scope of the project and budget will determine which product price point to choose. Finalize your numbers that will work and make sure all detailed steps are included.
Projects often have unexpected expenses, such as antiquated electrical, galvanized plumbing, mold and moisture, termites, or rotten wood. Twenty percent should cover any of these situations.

Obtain Bids

You may have one contractor that you know and love. Or you may want to get 3 bids. In either case, it is very important to know the typical pricing in your area for both materials and labor.
It is also a good idea to get a time commitment, perhaps with a bonus for an early finish.

Choose Your Contractor

You must compare apples to apples. Many times estimates are written in different ways. You must make sure all items are addressed in each bid. Sometimes the low bid may not be the best, because some items are not included, steps are skipped, or sub-par materials are used. One Design Place many times is the middle bid.

One Design Place is a full-service interior design firm specializing in transforming Houston homes that can help from start to finish, or with just one of steps. Cynthia Cannizzaro, owner of One Design Place, believes that “when a person has a home that is created with their lifestyle in mind, it truly makes a difference in their everyday life.”

Clients say that One Design Place is very clear and accurate about product pricing, labor, and materials in estimates. One Design Place has the ability to mix high-grade with builder finishes to give an elegant, inspired flair and ambiance, while still respecting your budget. For example, the firm will use a basic builder grade tile and use 2 or 3 expensive marble inserts as focal points.

One Design Place was recently showcased in the Memorial Lifestyle Magazine.
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