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Most people know that the small repairs around their house need to be done before they worsen, but many can’t find a good home repair handyman to help them. They show up late or not at all, and many charge $100/hour with a 2-4 hour minimum, which could cost hundreds of dollars for simple tasks. If you are a homeowner in Houston, TX, you deserve the best option. At One Design Place, we offer affordable handyman services with our newest membership program, The Reliable Handyman.

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Reliable Handyman Services for You

We offer a special plan, called the Reliable Handyman, devised by the company’s owner, Cynthia Cannazarro. Our special services under this plan include 1 visit per year with maximum 2 hours of work. This membership program includes the following handyman services:

  • Handyman Help – Our handymen can assist you with small tasks such as carrying items up the stairs or attic, gutter cleaning, doorbell repair, furniture moving, hanging paintings, etc.
  • Home Inspection – We inspect your home for possible defects and damages on surfaces and material such as granite sealing, grout, caulking, tiles, and weatherstripping.

Additional fees for extra hours at any time the whole year will have discounted rates. We simply want to keep a good relationship with our customers, offering them peace of mind while their homes are in tip-top shape.

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One Design Place is a full-service interior design and remodeling company with lots of experience in giving homes a makeover. Our trained team of experts can assist you with anything from upgrading your home to improving its comfortability. If you are a homeowner in Houston, TX, and are interested in our handyman services, you can contact us today. We offer the Reliable Handyman Membership Program at $199 per year, complete with a home inspection and handyman labor service. Avoid costly home repairs and reduce structural problems within your property by calling our experts today!

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