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Clients are now leaning into closets as the new self-care and wellness experience. Everyone loves to start  the day with a calm outlook. A well-ordered closet is one way to achieve that. Your closet can be treated  as an oasis, just like the master bath. It can be treated as a dressing room that can be considered an  upgrade to the walk-in closet. 

Your new closet will reflect your own unique style, similar to what you see in luxury retail. Picture soft color  palettes, comfortable seating, flattering light, and a vanity for make-up and hair. There can be smart,  thoughtful storage, hanging racks, and cubbies for your shoe collection, for purses, and for folded sweaters.  There can be built-in display boxes for costume jewelry and a safe for fine jewelry and collectibles.  

There can be accent furnishes, such as an antique bureau added for interest. Hardware, such as drawer  handles and hinges can match your home’s look or your own personality. Hardware choices can be made in  various metal colors, polished brass, hand-blown glass or custom items made by artists. What fun! 

For those with an open space available, even a small area, the European-style closet may be of interest.  This is similar to the old-fashioned armoire piece of furniture. This closet can be built-in or free standing  that would be designed especially for your space and storage needs. It can be constructed of plain material  to match the wall or can be of an eye-popping wood color with modern glass fronts. 

Ultra-modern, open, easily viewable storage is another way to go. For closets that also serve as storage  space for additional items such as luggage or out of season clothes, better organization is possible. The  idea is to match your personal schedule and lifestyle to your wardrobe needs and should make life so much  more easy, fun and productive. 

Picture getting ready in the morning or planning your outfit for that next day, or selecting your wardrobe  for a trip. Everything is ordered by season and color. Items are easily accessible. Choices are easily made  and time is saved. A sense of well-being and peace is achieved and your day can proceed with ease. 

One Design Place can help you with achieving your closet design with 3 levels of upgrades:

■ The Bronze Level will give you a fresh new trendy look. You will get a whole new level of  organization that will meet your budget. You will get a whole new upgrade. 

■ The Silver Level gives you a closet to fit your personal situation. Your wardrobe will be inventoried  and the system that works best for you will be designed and installed. 

■ The Gold Level is a custom solution that will be built especially for you. Your specifications,  materials, specific furniture and specific storage needs will be considered. 

Call today and get started we will assist you on your journey to peace of mind. 

One Design Place is a full-service interior design firm specializing in transforming Houston homes and can  help with upgrades for enjoyment or with a sale in mind. Cynthia Cannizzaro, owner of One Design Place,  believes that “when a person has a home that is created with their lifestyle in mind, it truly makes a  difference in their everyday life.”  

One Design Place was recently showcased in the Memorial Lifestyle Magazine.  

See https://citylifestyle.com/memorial/issues/2021-03  

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