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Make Your Kitchen Company Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are a special time for us to entertain family and friends in our homes.

We all want present a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere for ourselves and our guests. Pick a few of these 15 choices to ready your kitchen for your holiday visitors.

  1. Declutter and clear your countertops as much possible.
  2. Add pieces for organization, such as a spice rack, pull-outs for pots and pans and a roll out trash
  3. Reorganize decorative items in an artful way. Display a few pottery pieces
  4. Replace a light fixture or under cabinet lighting. Add a statement lighting piece that creates a
    focal point.
  5. Add a piece of elegant art work to your wall.
  6. Create an herb wall or herb garden in the kitchen.
  7. Find a fabulous faucet.
  8. Upgrade your hardware on the cabinets.
  9. Paint the walls. Semi-gloss is good for rooms with a lot of moisture
  10. Install wallpaper in a charming pattern for an accent wall.
  11. On a small wall use a chalkboard paint to create a place for family notes.
  12. Create a coffee or beverage bar.
  13. Update your backsplash.
  14. Add a piece of standalone furniture with character, like an old pie-safe, rolling cart, or
  15. Hang new window treatments.

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