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A Good Design Will Enhance Your Life

Clients have called Cynthia Cannazzarro, Pres of One Design Place, a “Heart Specialist” because when she helps with their kitchen remodels, she transforms the heart of the house. 

Cynthia runs her One Design Place design firm with 4 main core values:

  • Family

The design and layout of the home impact and affects every person who lives in the home, and even those who visit.  Cynthia compares this to the ripple effect that is caused when a rock is thrown into the water.  She will spend time interviewing family members to learn about habits, preferences, lifestyles, and schedules, which she feels all are factors in the enjoyment of a home.

  • Functionality

Cynthia will make certain that the house will function well to support the lifestyle of the occupants.  Pantries will be designed with correct shelf widths, electric sockets, and possibly counter space according to culinary requirements.  Sofas and chairs will accommodate the heights of those sitting there.  Bookshelves, desks, and computer consoles will reflect the work habits of the persons working.

  • Beauty

Cynthia brings her artistic talent to each of her design and remodel jobs.  She believes that beautiful surroundings add a certain structural balance, harmony, and sense of ease to a home.  Cynthia showed her innate artistic talents from a very young age and went on to study Art and Interior Design at Louisiana State University.  She gives credit to her creative Italian heritage and to her native New Orleans culture for her artistic flair.

  • The clarity in Job Bids

Her clients say that Cynthia is very clear about product pricing, labor, and materials in her bids. They say there are no hidden surprises.  Cynthia also has the ability to mix high-grade with general contract finishes to give an elegant, artistic flair and ambiance, while still respecting the budget.  For example, she will use a basic builder-grade shower tile and use 2 or 3 expensive marble inserts as focal points.

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