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Jun 2022 Introducing Reliable Handyman

Everyone knows that the small repairs around the house need to be done before they worsen and become costly large repairs.  The only problem is that most people cannot find a good handyman to help.  They show up late or not at all.  They are ridiculously expensive.  Many charge $100/hour with a 2 to 4 hour minimum, which could end up to $400 or $500 for just simple tasks.

Cynthia Cannazarro, owner of One Design Place, is addressing this problem with the company’s new membership program called The Reliable Handyman.

 The Reliable Handyman Membership: 

  • Includes 1 visit per year with 2 hour maximum of the following:
    • Handyman Help with your small item list or with small tasks around the house, such as,

putting something in the attic

cleaning the gutters

fixing the doorbell 

carrying something upstairs

moving some furniture around

hanging paintings

  • A Home Inspection to determine possible needed home repairs, such as,

granite sealing

grout conditions

caulking conditions

tile cracks


  • Additional hours at anytime that whole year are billed at a discounted rate 
  • Creates on-going relationship and peace of mind
  • Has your home be in tip-top shape
  • Avoids costly home repairs
  • Mitigates risk
  • All for $199/ year

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to schedule your first Reliable Handyman Membership Visit.

One Design Place is a full-service interior design and remodeling firm specializing in transforming Houston homes and can assist with upgrades for enjoyment or with a sale in mind.  Cynthia Cannizzaro, owner of One Design Place, believes that “when a person has a home that is created with their lifestyle in mind, it truly makes a difference in their everyday life.”

One Design Place was recently showcased in the Memorial Lifestyle Magazine.


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