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Beautiful and Productive Home Offices

Now that we have had a few years of working at home with makeshift offices, many people are creating a permanent workspace in their homes. When companies realize that their particular productivity is higher when people work from home, more and more jobs become home-based. That creates a need for the functional permanent home office.

Home offices range from the completely separate room totally dedicated to an office to the kitchen corner desk and everything in between. We see under stairs, walk-in closets, built-in desks in dens, attic areas and even garage spaces beautifully converted to ideal offices-at-home. We even see home offices with a built-in bar/kitchenette for those midday coffee breaks or late-night deadline snacks. The idea is to be comfortable so we can do our great work right at home.

For those interested in the new-concept home office, these would be your first steps: Determine where you have unused square footage and where you would like to dedicate your work space. Also, determine for yourself how much privacy is needed for phone and video calls and whether headphones can handle most situations.

One Design Place can help you from here. You can do an e-design (see the previous “Design Online” blog) or One Design Place can schedule a home visit to handle everything for you.

Some things to consider:

  • Measurements
  • Lighting
  • Electrical outlets
  • Charging stations
  • Computer connections
  • Printer, if needed
  • Desktop, extra worktable or drafting table space
  • Comfortable chair(s)
  • Filing cabinets
  • Storage space
  • Bookshelves
  • Decorative items
  • Wall hangings

The idea is that, similar to the traditional commercial company offices, you want to be all-business in your workspace –to be productive, to get your work done in a timely fashion, to be in communication with your clients and peers, and to be the best that you can be.  At the same time, we want your workspaces to be a comfortable, cheerful and inspiring place to be creative and produce your extraordinary results.

Contact One Design Place today if you would like to get started on a great home office!

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