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The New Outdoor Kitchen Trend -10 Planning Questions to Ask

Barbecue season is upon us. We all love those outdoor gatherings of family and friends by the pool or inthe backyard.

The new concept in outdoor entertaining brings a new level of comfort and ease to you as the host. Youcan spend more time caring for your guests, instead of spending hot hours in the kitchen and running back and forth to serve.

The new concept of the outdoor kitchen adds appliances and work areas, while at the same time can take very little yard space and can be unobtrusive to your guests. Possible components that can be added to your outdoor kitchen include: a small refrigerator just large enough to keep pre-prepared foods, a small sink for quick tasks, a small bar area for drinks, a storage area for plates and cutlery, counter space for serving, and counter seating for your guests.

If you are building an outdoor kitchen consider the following questions:

1.How will you use your outdoor kitchen?

2.What is your cooking style?

3.What components does your neighborhood allow?

4.How much square footage is available?

5.What size do you envision your outdoor kitchen to be?

6.Do you know how much you are planning to invest?

7.Do you plan to have just a cooking area?

8.Do you plan to have a sofa and seating area?

9.Do you plan bar stools for counter seating?

10.Is a fireplace, fire pit or pizza oven in your plan?

Your designer can help you with the following:

  • Determining the layout of your outdoor area.
  • Research materials.
  • Creating your budget.
  • Selecting your appliances.
  • Choosing your finishes.

The ever changing nature of the economy makes it difficult to predict when inflation rates will begin to decline. The best way to counteract the uncertainties of any project is to do your research and plan ahead.

One Design Place can help with all Outdoor Kitchen inquiries. You can do an e-design (see the previous “Design Online” blog) or One Design Place can schedule a home visit to handle everything for you.

One Design Place is a full-service interior design firm specializing in transforming Houston homes and can help with upgrades for enjoyment or with a sale in mind. Cynthia Cannizzaro, owner of One Design Place, believes that “when a person has a home that is created with their lifestyle in mind, it truly makesa difference in their everyday life.”

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