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How to Make a Holiday Wreath

Happy Holidays. During the holiday season, it is always fun to have great decorations. It seems to make people smile and be happy. Making a holiday wreath is such a fun and festive project, and I’m excited to assist you. Here’s a simple guide:


• Wreath Base (wire or foam)
• Greenery (pine, cedar, holly)
• Wire Cutters
• Floral Wire
• Decorative Items (ribbons, ornaments, pinecones)
• Hot Glue Gun


1. Prepare Your Base:

• If you’re using a wire wreath form, you might want to wrap it with green floral tape to give the greenery something to grip onto. If it’s foam, you’re good to go!

2. Cut and Arrange Greenery:

• Trim your greenery into manageable pieces using wire cutters. Create small bundles and attach them to the wreath form using floral wire. Overlap each bundle slightly to cover the entire form.

3. Add Decorations:

• Get creative! Add ribbons, ornaments, pinecones, or anything else you like. Secure them with floral wire or hot glue.

4. Secure Loose Ends:

• Make sure everything is tightly secured. Use additional wire or hot glue as needed.

5. Hang and Admire:

• Once you’re happy with your creation, find the perfect spot to hang it. You can use a wreath hanger or even some decorative ribbon.

6. Personal Touch:

• Consider incorporating elements that reflect your love for the holiday, interior design, or beautiful spaces. Maybe a mini charm or tiny canvas ornaments!

Some extra tips:

• Odd numbers always are more interesting to the eye. Use 3’s and 5’s rather than 2’s and 4’s usually looks more interesting.
• Use different values of color-degrees of light to dark-ie. A light, medium, and dark color or version of the color This creates contrast and therefore visual interest.
• Mix different textures like rope or pine cones with a smooth, silky ribbon. Mixing textures makes it more pleasing to the eye.

Remember, there are no real rules, this is art! It’s all about expressing your creativity and spreading holiday cheer. Enjoy the process, and happy crafting! 🎄✨

Have a fun and festive season!

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