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More About Outdoor Living

In a previous blog, we talked about outdoor kitchens. Now let’s look at another trend that is happening, which is the concept of using your outdoor spaces as additional rooms for your family and friends to enjoy.

You can think of your outdoor spaces as extensions of your home. When you design them properly you actually will end up using them like separate rooms. Also, the level of your budget does not matter because you can create these spaces many ways, just by including different design elements.

Here are the steps to take:

  • Measure out your space and consider what activities you want to have our there.
  • Choose your access point to the outdoor space. French doors or patio doors can be added. Or you can keep the door you have or perhaps simply exit from your garage.
  • Consider creating a custom built covered patio or a pergola. Or you can even leave your area uncovered to enjoy both the sunshine and the evening air.
  • Choose your focal point. This is the feature around which your living space is arrange and it is the focus of your space. The focal point can be a center dining or coffee table or a firepit. Or it can be a side fireplace, fountain, privacy wall or plantings.
  • Next choose floor coverings or outdoor rugs to create and define your spaces.
  • Furniture then can be places, as simple or as elaborate as you like. You can have sofa seating, or dining table and chairs, or simply bar seating. Many indoor/outdoor materials are available on the market and can be recommended.
  • Finally choose your pops of color, your accessories, pillows, decorator elements, or even a hammock for relaxing.
  • Finish by detailing your landscaping and by adding lushness with plants and flowers.

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