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What About Your Mudroom?

Back to school time is also a very good time to think about redesigning your mudroom. This room has been designated for everything to “get dumped” when everyone comes into the house. Shoes, wet boots, umbrellas, backpacks, and jackets are all stored here to avoid clutter at the main entrance. It also becomes the place of random storage that keeps the other rooms organized.
However, the mudroom is coming into popularity as a room that can be as welcoming as your front foyer. It can be the place where someone can take a moment of relaxation between the busy activities of the day and the fun interactions of evening family time. It can be a space of calm.

Turn Your Mudroom into a Family Oasis in 8 Steps:

  1. Organize the clutter. Take out items that are not being used daily. Out of season items should be placed back in closets. Consider keeping infrequently used items in the garage or other storage areas.
  2. Plan your design and seating. Think of the traffic pattern of entering and leaving your home. Place seating where it will be comfortable for that moment of relaxation when the wet boots are removed. Perhaps bench seating with cushions and under the seat storage would work. Use fixtures and furniture that blend with the overall style of your home.
  3. Think efficient storage. Have hooks and places to hang jackets. Consider adding cubbies, shelves, or baskets for backpacks, purses, and books. Have a small shoe/boot cabinet or rack. Place an umbrella stand. Add a rack or hooks for keys. Consider hanging pictures, photos, or paintings that are not being used in other places.
  4. Match the color palate. Pick flooring in a tile or luxury vinyl tile that matches the kitchen or bath and is easily washed. Pick paint colors that match or contrast the other rooms. Use colorful non-slip mats or rugs to wipe feet quickly, ones that are easily laundered or cleaned.
  5. Add a charging station for each person. We love it when our phones, iPads, tablets, and laptops are charged at 100%. Devices can be plugged in here when family members arrive home. Then, if devices are used around the house for various tasks, they can be returned to be re-charged and be ready for the next day.
  6. For Laundry Room/Mudroom Combos. Make sure there is adequate room for hamper, folding table or cleaning product cabinet. Clothes cabinets for hanging items might also be useful.
  7. For Pet Lovers. Consider a space for feeding bowls, pet supplies, and doggie towels. One creative mudroom owner had a low shower/washing station installed for dirty dogs, dirty feet, muddy boots and general garden or barn dirt.
  8. Establish “rules of the house” for the mudroom. Have family members practice “putting away their items rather than putting them down”. Keeping the mudroom clutter free is a good habit to establish. The bottom line is organization, where everything has a place and everything can be returned to its place with ease.
    Mudrooms can be expensive if they are custom-built. However, One Design Place knows that there are methods for every budget. Call, text, or email today with any questions.

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